Over the last decade pebbles have become increasingly popular as an added feature in landscapes. This attractive medium is also very popular in driveways, pathways and any area where a “normal” garden just won’t grow.

Pebbles fall under two main categories namely tumbled and river pebbles;

Tumbled pebbles are derived from mined rock that is then tumbled in huge tumblers to form round pebbles.

River pebbles are collected both from dry rivers and actual rivers; they are a natural occurring product that blends beautifully into any landscape. These pebbles are collected under license in rural areas, providing economical relief to the local inhabitants of these communities.

Gravel (Crush) is also widely used in “dry” landscaping. Gravel or aggregate is a mined product that is processed though a crusher to achieve certain size stone e.g. 13mm or 19mm. We source our gravel from different regions that have different rock colours thus providing us with various colour stone.

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