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Pebbles for Africa

Gravel and Pebble Suppliers


Welcome to Pebbles for Africa, a leading gravel and pebble supplier in Gauteng.

We stock a large range of decorative pebbles, stones, crush, gravel, and rocks, with beautiful colours to choose from. Our gravel and pebbles add colour, texture, and a unique feel to outdoor areas.

Pebbles for Africa sources, supplies and deliver a wide variety of pebbles in different colours and sizes for a beautiful low-maintenance garden.

Service and quality

Pebbles for Africa is a wholesale gravel and pebble supplier in Gauteng, providing high quality material to landscapers, nurseries, contractors, and the public.

Waterwise products

Pebbles, stones, and gravel have become important in landscaping for aesthetics and water conservation as it requires no watering, unlike conventional gardens with expansive lawns. This also contributes to a pebble landscape that provides a unique ambience.

Versatile, varied and functional

Rocks, gravel, and pebbles have a variety of uses.

Dump rock is often used in areas where you want to limit foot or vehicle traffic, including pavements. It is also used to decorate the entrances of businesses, schools and complexes and serves the additional function of preventing soil erosion. It is also used to fill gabions – structures made from welded mesh and filled with rocks to function as planters, decoration or retaining walls.

Tumbled pebbles result from mined rock that are added to huge tumblers to form round pebbles. We do not paint or dye our pebbles – Pebbles for Africa only supplies gravel rock and pebbles in their natural colour.

Our pebbles are formed from volcanic activity and some are ancient pebbles from ancient seabeds .

We also offer a variety of natural rock that can be used to build water features, create rockeries, build walkways and steps, and add character to koi ponds, flower beds, and much more.

Pebbles for Africa products

As a trusted gravel and pebble supplier in Gauteng we provide the following products and variants:

Dump rock

Available in black, light grey, pink, sandstone, white sparkle, zebra


Choose from beige display, black crush, champagne, dalmatian crush, diamond mix, mixed crush, multi red crush, multi white crush, pink display, pure white crush, sandstone crush, zebra crush

Rose quartz

A light pink natural rock- perfect for decorative groundcover.


A selection of Red Jasper rock and rose quartz rocks.

Round pebbles

Available in brown mixed, crystal, Durban midnight blue, Impala, Kalahari red, Red Jasper, Smartie box, tan spot, tiger eye, tumble white.

Reveal your garden’s natural beauty

Discover the effortless beauty gravel and pebbles provide to your area. Get in touch with Pebbles Africa, the leading gravel and pebble supplier in Gauteng, today.